We offer outstanding cuts of PRIME and Angus beef including ribeye, sirloin, as well as premium grass fed, grain fed and Wagyu beef from U.S., Australia and New Zealand. 


Our Duroc and Ibérico Porks are directly imported from Spain. We also offer all natural grain fed pork form U.S.

Our Products


for all orders over HK$ 1000

We offer an extensive range of premium food products such as beef, pork, poultry, seafood, vegetable, fruit, gourmet as well as grocery.


We offer a range of chilled and frozen cuts of the very best free range, naturally reared lamb from Australia and New Zealand.


The premium poultry we offer are raised without hormones and feed on healthful, natural nutritious feed.


We import quality wild and farmed frozen seafood products from worldwide.


We offer dairy products such as milk, cheese butter and eggs, which are mainly imported from Europe.

Pasta & Rice

We have a wide range of pasta and rice imported from Italy.


We offer the most popular gourmet European food at affordable prices.


Our selection of premium grocery from Europe, Australia and New Zealand are sure to be your cupboard essentials.

Veg & Fruit

To add flavor and nutritional value to your dishes, be sure to stock up on our selection of vegetables and fruit. 

Sauce & Seasoning

We offer a variety of condiments, spreads, sauces, and marinades that will add the finishing touch to your entrees. 

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